Dream Come True Hoganas 2006
Portrait painting

An exclusive 10-day course in portrait painting at Inger's studio at the Old City Hôtel in Höganâs , Sweden .


Inger Hodgson is a recognized portrait painter whose main work is doing portrait commissions. She was trained in Florence , Charles H. Cecil Studios. She has studios in Malibu , California and Höganäs , Sweden . Inger is represented at the Swedish Portrait Archive of The National Museum of Fine Arts.

She has taught in Newport and Malibu , California , in Florence , Italy , Bagamoyo, Tanzanya, Ubud, Bali and for Medborgar­skolan in Enkôping and Höganäs , Sweden . Inger teaches according to an old method called sightsize or comparison. Two students to one model, five hours a day, for ten days. A preparatory drawing is transfered to a linen canvas to be painted in oil. The goal set used to be a Renaissance portrait. In 2006 it could be a portrait inspired by Anders Zorn, more appropriate to Sweden .

Material: Charcoal, Romapaper, linen canvas, medium included in price. Palette, oilpaints, brushes available.

Time: Friday - Sunday, July 21-30 10.00 a .m - 4.30 p.m.
Cost: $1500
Accommodations: room shared by the sea included.
Model fee included.
Information and application:
ingerhodgson@hotmail.com www.ingersportraits.com
011 46 42-344994 Sweden
310 4579139, 310 9244575 USA